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    Missouri guy looking for fun females im single hmu
Sex: Male
Sign: Aquarius
Home: Valle mines
Job: Dishtank operator

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Music favorites:
Metal, rap, rock, bluegrass, lil bit country, some classical and dubstep if I can understand it I like it mostly it's rare that screaming music is likeable but some are ok depends on the band

TV/Movies favorites:
I love comedies horror and stand up comedy rarely watch dramas but some are ok not into a whole lot of dramas like girls do if it's a chick flick and can tell I've probably never cared to see it I love anime always have so do you judge it's not like I choose certain ones and all into it 24/7 I like manga anime tv shows and movies not books to read I watch adult shows like adult swim cartoons not anime hentai cartoon anime porn crap or just any dumb cartoon anime show example deathnot is good family guy is good two separate shows and animations ones American comedy ones Japanese action pretty much well deathnote is mostly dark suspense but ya get what I mean

Books favorites:
I rarely read but loved the cay, odd Thomas, maximum ride series, and to kill a mockingbird,


About Me:
Ask me get to know me I like girls only I'm not into men have shared girls with friends before but won't touch men

Love females love to get to know each other movies and just flirt I'm always chatty on Facebook n text get to know me and if your a guy I won't talk or add you I always wanted to learn something and always wanted to get a girl who's fun and open as me I'm truthful honest and probably nicest guy ever always wanted to just be apart of friendship and tired of being lonely robbed or hated on people are rude and don't seem to like me because I'm nice generous and kind always get taken advantage of or my kindness taken for granted if your a big booty girl skinny chubby fat or scrawny I don't care as long as your nice and I'm attracted to you don't be shy to hmu I really love big tits and a big ass but I'm ok for whatever body type other than a manly physic or anything manly period if your a tomboy type girl might not be into you but can try I'm not choosy about if your ghetto or country goth or prep if you can twerk dirty talk I'd be turned on quick if ask for money you won't get a reply I don't pay for sex u less it's super cheap your driving to pick me up and there is a place to go but probably just hang out my place is off limits cause it's not mine I rent a basement room so would rather you stay over a night n get to know me or people I rent from to stay over or swoop n do the same I am not a thief I am not a liar if you are a thief or a liar don't bother talking or trying to steak from me I'm too old for that even tho I'm 30 ATM this year 2019 as I type this up of now I can read a red flag and can lose interest fast but other than that I'm funny social and get high sometimes .


What I'm looking for:
      single     a single female
      straight     always
  Ethnicity:Cock size:
      caucasian     large
      6ft     skinny
  Hair:Body Hair:
      red     trimmed
      socially     yes
  Paid Services:Drugs:
      no     yes

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